As you all may or may not know last week we went over a little “Q3 + a month” market update.  That in turn, made me personally realize that we are now in the 4th quarter of the year! Wow, it really has flown by.  With the passing of time it is important for us all to look back on our year thus far, and realize how much we have been able to accomplish. Also this is a great time to check in on the progress towards our goals that we set for ourselves on January 1r. How about those goals that we had from the beginning of the year?

I have found myself making steady progress on most of my goals, which leads me to see how cool it is to set out a plan in January, act on it incrementally every day, and then look back on the progress that I have made over the past 9 months.  

At the Island Land Company a major goal of ours was the opening of the open house at the Royal Ali’i Planned Urban Subdivision (PUD).  The Royal Ali’i is a beautiful gated community with 19 homes, that is hoping to be fully finished within the next 3 years.  The lots range in size with the smaller lots being roughly about 5,900 sq. ft. and the largest lot being 9,654 sq. ft..  Depending on the lot size, there are also two different sized homes available to build. The smaller home being a 3 bed 3 ½ bath home.  The larger lots allow for a larger home consequently with the possibility of having a 4 bed 4 ½ bath, (1 bed and 1 bath are detached in an additional dwelling unit or “ohana” style).  I am biased in thinking that this new exclusive community, with a very low HOA fee (roughly $90/month), is one of if not the best newly built divisions in Kona.  

Some of my favorite features would have to be the prime location.  The subdivision is located directly on Ali’i drive, but not too proximal to all of the craziness that ensues with being in down town Kailua-Kona.  Being on Ali’i Drive you are within walking distance to great food and entertainment, but removed enough so that a lot of the disturbances to your front door step.  Another great feature to the community as a whole is the size of the community.  Because the community is more secluded, all members of the community will be given a voice and a say in what goes on within the subdivision.  There will be no ruling body that imposes rules without a fair chance to explain or express interests that differ.  

As for the homes themselves in the subdivision, they were fabricated and built by Larry Smith of Larry R. Smith Construction INC.  Larry’s company has been a reputable builder in Kona for over 33 years. He has built a variety of single family homes ranging from luxurious estates to single family project style homes.  No matter the purpose of his builds his reputation of using the finest of materials and taking every precaution ensures the best possible built home.  I must say for myself that the proof of this is literally in house.  The house that he has built in this case 😉. 

I personally love the current floor plans for the single level homes in the Royal Ali’i Subdivision.  There is some freedom in the layout of the interior of the home for the potential buyer however.  The baseline for the 3 bed 3 ½ bath is an open concept kitchen with a large island sink and counter top leading into a dining/ living area.  (If you can’t envision this based on my explanation you may just have to come see for yourself!)  This plan also boasts a private bathroom attached to every bedroom in the home, this is not the case in most homes on the Big Island.  There is then a shared powder room that is adjacent to the kitchen.  

All of the homes within the subdivision that construction has started on have been built using 2x6 in. boards, rather than the industry standard conventional 2x4 in. boards.  This provides two things; 1) greater stability and 2) more insulation and coverage from the Hawaiian sun.  The homes are also all equipped with Techshield Radiant Barrier Sheathing.  This allows for insulation and protection from the full spectrum of radiation as opposed to just visible and ultraviolet rays. This sheathing when mixed with the 2x6 framing makes for a cooler, more comfortable home, even during the hottest parts of the day. If you are familiar with Kona coast living, then you know that it does get pretty warm everyday from about noon until sunset, no matter the season. But to my pleasant surprise, these homes seemed very temperate even with no centralized air.  


This has been a huge project for Ed and the rest of the team and we are excited and happy to have the Royal Ali’i dream and vision finally start to come to life.  Do us a favor and stop by. Come see one of the newest and best subdivisions in Kona.