This week's blog is going to be a shorter one.  I just wanted to put out a shorter post on some of my thoughts that came up after reflecting on the disaster that happened in Maui. Contemplating on the fires' effects after the last flame was extinguished. These words are also my attempt at understanding and piecing together a perspective to the situation that is not from a news station, just a mere man.  I lead with compassion in hopes that someday, it is possible for there to be optimism around the fires, and that all that was lost was not for nothing.  


I truly believe that after these horrible events Hawaii and its people are too resilient to be held down by the wildfires.  Instead, we will rise back up making Lahaina greater than it has ever been, in honor of those that we have lost.  The wildfires that took place in Maui, and Lahaina especially were terrible and currently we are at a loss for words for what happened to our Ohana there in Maui.  If you are looking to donate to get involved in relief here is a great link:


Hawaii community foundation Maui Strong Fund


These wildfires were incredibly unexpected and impactful, destroying hundreds of homes and taking numerous lives.  I personally have no clue how it has to feel to be a part of a disaster as powerful as this wildfire, but the stories that are surfacing every day of our brothers and sisters in Maui are both terrifying and inspiring. Inspiration and fear are drawn from hearing of folks having to jump into the ocean to seek refuge from the flames to the unity of the Hawaii community coming together to have Maui’s back.

To my Big Island friends,  it is in times like this that we as HUMANS are called to come together, it does not matter what differences we are led to believe we have. At the end of the day, we are all here on earth with the calling to love one another.  Is this not the root of the Aloha Spirit and what makes our state and home the best place to live? Spreading kindness and joy is our obligation, especially in times like the present when hope seems to be dwindling.  

The fires are incredibly tragic, and also serve as a reminder to cherish your time on earth.  We know not when or how our calling day is coming, and life is too short and fragile to live with anger and transgression toward others.  Let us lead with compassion and understanding.  Let us offer up what we can for our Maui ohana.  

To my Maui friends, we share in your sadness.  I feel as if the vast majority of us here on the Big Island have been shocked and deeply saddened by what has happened.  We offer up our thoughts, our prayers, and whatever else it is that you need at this time.  Hold strong, there is always a rainbow and the sun shines brightest after the storm.  These events make no sense, I know, but there is good that can come from such horrific events.


I have no answers to these, and I don’t expect anyone to have answers to them already at this point.  They do come to mind, however.  How do we rebuild better than before and bring back what was destroyed even better? Can we? How does this affect the already evident housing shortage here in Hawaii?  Where do we go from here, and what is the first step in healing as well as commemorating those who lost their homes, lives, and much more.