What do you want? Everything.  When do I want it? 5 minutes ago. 

Sound familiar? If yes, then congratulations. You are what most would call a human, not just any human, but one that is ambitious.  A human that has goals and dreams.  Having this trait is both a blessing and a curse.  Ambition is the same great force that pulls you out of bed every morning to fearlessly take on the unknown future that lies in store for you that day.  Ambition drives the unprecedented competitive stamina, to endure the highs and lows. The competitive stamina that carries your forward and through in order to just keep moving forward.  This ambition is also the same force that leaves you sleepless at night thinking about that deadline, or that one missed element. Enabling you to push through out sleep and perform. Ambition is also responsible at times for us getting down on ourselves when we do not perform to our optimal level. This is when the anxiety creeps in.

There are times when I will get frustrated with myself for getting tired and wanting to take a nap after I have had my nose to the grind stone for some amount of time.  As I said before, having this burning ambition can be both a gift and a curse.  It is fairly common for ambition to be considered “fiery” right?  I do not think that this is by chance.  This ambition can be very similar to a fire.  As we all know fires can be very powerful, in both positive and negative manners.  Fires have the ability to warm an entire building in subzero temperatures, but fires also have the ability to burn up that entire building if that fire is not correctly controlled.  When fiery ambition goes south this is when we start to feel that anxiety.  In buying property or making another big life decision it is completely normal to feel fears of the choices we have made.  We just have to focus on what we can focus on, and control what it is that is in our control.  

What is the control that we have in our own practical life? Patience is the control of our fire.  Patience is often easier said than done, but patience is an attainable skill. How do you hone a skill? The same way you would any other skill. PRACTICING! 

Have you ever not gotten what you NEEDED when you NEEDED it? It is my firm belief that the timing of the forces that may be are always right for those who are just in their intentions.  Solutions for controlling ambition? Here are a few:

  • Revisit  previous wins, this helps remind yourself that you do win when the time is right.

    • Look into your past, remind yourself of the times when you felt that you were down and out.  Then recall how you rose up from that time and situation.  Is what you are going through now worse than where you were at that point? See the proof is in the past, and that this too shall pass.

  • Focus on what you can focus on, this seems silly but there is someone out there who needs to hear this.  

    • Make a list with two columns.  The left column consists of your troubles.  The right column consists of all the things you can do today to make today a successful day.  Is there any correlation between the columns? If yes, you just found the answer to your own problem.  If not, then you see that these troubles are out of your control.  Thus meaning that they truly are not YOUR troubles, because you have no control over them.

  • Do the little things really well.  

    • Just like interest on dollars, little things in your daily life.  What do I mean? An example would be, if someone isn’t able to keep a clean room and make their bed everyday how could they possibly organize and care for an entire house or property.  In order to receive something you must first be fit to receive it.   


Lastly, just know that you are not alone in feeling these things.  I as well as many others feel them as well.  It is completely normal to feel the entire range of emotions as a human. In fact, that is what makes us human.  In the words of Master Ugway from Kung Fu Panda “You must let go of the illusion of control.”  We cannot control every element of life, because we have other people in our life! So take pride in who you are, take pride in what you do.  At the end of the day that is truly who we are. The decisions we make have to be final. Even though anxiety may rise from our decisions on the property we buy, we cannot go back on our judgement. If we do go back on our own decisions then the anxiety will have even more room to grow and compound onto its-self. Be ambitious not anxious.